I’m Annie Moss. I am the founder of The Vintage Sparrow. I am an entrepreneur by calling and an encourager at heart.

I am passionate about many things but I come alive when I see women walking confidently in their unique identity and fulfilling their God-given destiny.

For many years, I lived a life where I would only share parts of me. I think somewhere in the back of my mind, I thought, if people really new what a mess I was, no one would want to really love me. And, girl, I learned a few years back that I had been agreeing with a complete lie. God began to take me on a journey of learning my identity in him and the rest is history.

Here are a few things I learned along the journey of discovering my true identity in Christ:

1. People actually appreciate you being a "hot mess express" much more than they do hiding behind a mask of “perfection."

2. Hiding isn’t holy. I learned that we are made to shine. Each of us carry a facet of the Father that only you can represent to the world. And, friend, we can’t share who he is if we’re always in hide out!

3. Gifts were made to be shared and invested, not buried and left to die. I have known all of my life that I was called to share a message with the world. But, for years, it petrified me, because remember, I thought hiding was holy. But, I have come to a place that my gift is to be given to the world! Whether that’s speaking on a stage, praying with a lady at one of our shows, or writing a book that will make its way into the hearts of women who desperately need hope, my gift is to be shared with the world. And, yours is too!

Be inspired, friend! Your best days are ahead!


Annie loves to share with women in all realms. Whether you would like to have Annie speak at your next event or have her on your podcast, here are a few topics she loves to share on. 

+Walking in your God-given identity

+ Fulfilling your purpose

+ Choosing faith over fear

Please contact for inquiries. 


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