I’m Annie Moss. I am the founder of The Vintage Sparrow. I am an entrepreneur by calling and an encourager at heart. I love to write, speak, and create! 

I am passionate about many things but I come alive when I see women walking confidently in their unique identity and fulfilling their God-given destiny.

At The Vintage Sparrow, I am dedicated to creating jewelry designs that inspire and empower women to pursue a faith filled and courageous life. Every piece is designed as a daily power affirmation, you can wear and declare when you need it most.

I believe that every woman possesses greatness within, and it's my greatest desire to see women be reminded of this truth with every jewelry collection we create.

I hope you are inspired by your jewelry, daily! And if you are, please let us know by leaving a review, right here on the website!

Love & Prayers


Annie loves to share with women in all realms. Whether you would like to have Annie speak at your next event or have her on your podcast, here are a few topics she loves to share on. 

+Walking in your God-given identity

+ Fulfilling your purpose

+ Choosing faith over fear

Please contact for inquiries. 


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