Hear From Heaven

On average you will make about 35,000 decisions in a day. Many of those decisions will be your usual routine.. what kind of coffee creamer you will use, what to wear, and one others are most thankful for, the decision you made to brush your teeth.

It’s a beautiful thing that God did not want to create us as robots, but as living, moving, breathing, decision making humans, inviting us into a life of free will. But, there are also many decisions you will make each day that you need his divine guidance in. You know the ones.. the decisions that sometimes keep you up at night. The ones you fear making a bad choice over. Those decisions that seem to sit heavy on your heart. 

Today, I want to remind you that God cares about the details of your life and desires to be a part of your decision-making process. There have been a few times in life where I have heard him speak to my spirit with direction. But, often times he leads me by his peace.

Isaiah 30:21 says, You will hear a voice behind you saying, this is the way, walk in it”. God wants to lead you down the path he has for you. For the decisions that seem overwhelming and fearful, he has an answer. 

He speaks to everyone differently, as we are all created and wired unique, but, the gift of his leading is for us all. Sometimes his direction may seem contrary to your will or desires, but it is always for your best interest.

Rest today knowing that God has an answer to every big decision that is before you. If you aren’t in a season of big decision making, hold tight, because it will come. And know, that his Spirit is there to lead the way.  

Practical Tip- Is there a decision you need God’s direction? Take him at his word according to Matthew 7:7- ask and you shall receive. Wait and take head to his leading.  

Remember- Gods ways are higher than our ways.  

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  • Kris Timmermeyer-Rice

    Annie- This is an ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL ❤️ post and a topic that I struggle with! I’m going to screenshot this post and save it to my phone to refer to when I’m having trouble with big decisions. I just happened upon The Vintage Sparrow Jewelry website and have been admiring all of the jewelry. Thank you for creating such beautiful jewelry with such meaningful, faithful and encouraging messages! ~Kris

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