Well Done

You are doing such a good job.

Now stop and reread that first sentence again until you believe it.

I want these words to sink from your heart all the way down into your toes. Whether your mommin’, wifin’, teachin’, or whatever else you’re doing, God sees.

The love you give when you feel like you’re on empty, God sees. The hope you pass on, when your feel like your hanging on to hope by a thread yourself, God sees. Those late night calls, God sees. That sacrifice of obedience, he sees it all. And, I want you to know it is making eternal impact for the Kingdom of God. All of your little deeds add up to big and beautiful moments. Every diaper you change is preparing a world changer to arise. Every encouraging word you give is paving a way for someone to not give up. Every generous gift you bestow is showing the tangible love of the Father. And friend, he sees it all. Every single bit of it. In every sacrifice you are creating Heaven on Earth. Your hands becomes his. Your heart becomes his. And your love becomes his love to humanity. We can’t all be Mother Theresa, oh.. but we can sure love well while here on this earth. And that’s truly all he requires. Love the Lord God with all your heart and love others as yourself. Today, he looks at you and says well done. Well done, my beautiful daughter, for showing and sharing my love and light with my children.  

Practical Tip- With every act of love today, see yourself tangibly being the conduit of Jesus. Know that the Holy Spirit is empowering your works and the seeds you sew will produce a bountiful harvest in the lives of others. 


Remember- God is so proud of you.  

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