Make Room

What have you been waiting to see manifest in your life?

What promise has God spoken to your heart that you have given up on?

In a season of waiting, it’s easy to become settled with status-quo thinking and lose sight of the bigger plan that God has for your life.

For many years, my husband and I walked a journey of infertility. During that time, I had numerous people encourage me to purchase baby items in faith. At first it seemed completely silly, but this was our steps of faith that showed God we were going to take him at his word. This was our way of making room for the promise. This was a step of putting our faith into action. And years later, we had a complete closet full of baby gifts, ready for the miracle to arrive. Some purchased by us and others purchased for us as reminders of what was to come.

God honors bold steps of faith. He loves to see us take him at his word. What is it time to make room for in your life? Are you also believing for a baby, a husband, a new job, a new home..He is a good Father and wants to bless the desires of your heart. It’s time to make room for what you have been believing for friend.  

Practical Tip- How can you take an action step in making room for the miracle you are believing for? Take a moment, pray, and ask the Father to show you what action step you can make today to make room for the more he has for you.  


Remember- Making room for the miracle in your life often will require steps of faith.  

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