With Jesus

One of my favorite scriptures is found in Acts 4:13. Scripture says, “they were ordinary men with little schooling, but they could tell they have been with Jesus”.

Have you ever spent time with someone and you can literally feel the peace and presence of Jesus that they carry? It is a powerful thing to experience. And, I want to share something even more profound with you, you can carry that same presence and power.

I don’t know about you but, when I am with others, I want the peace of God to radiate from my life so strong that those around me can’t help but to recognize something glorious I am carrying.

One of my favorite and most admired preachers of the past day was Kathryn Khulman. I attended a Benny Hinn Conference years ago and he shared a story about Mrs. Kuhlman that I will never forget. As Kathryn was preparing for a great healing meeting one evening, her staff led her through the backway to get her on stage to share the powerful and healing word of God. At this venue, the back-way entrance included her being led through the kitchen of the venue. She carried the anointing and presence of God in such a powerful way, that as she walked through the kitchen, the cooks began to fall to the ground under the mighty power of God.

Kathryn carried the presence of Jesus in a way that affected all that she encountered. This type of anointing is not for special or elect people. This type of anointing is for the hungry. It’s for the ones who pursue Jesus and surrender every area of their lives for his kingdom purposes. There will always be something that tries to fight for first place in your life. But, today, I want to encourage you to allow Jesus to take first place. The time you give him, will never we wasted time.

Salvation is the greatest decision you will ever make, and true surrender to his lordship is the second. May others see Jesus, when they see you.  

Practical Tip- What does your relationship with Jesus look like? Would you compare it to a fast food drive thru where you tell him what you want and you’re on your way? Or would you say its consistently like enjoying a fine dining experience in town on a regular basis? If you would say you’re more on the drive thru experience lately, there’s not shame in that. This is your invitation to the fine dining experience of Gods endless buffet.  

Remember- As a Christian, you carry the power and presence of the Holy Spirit with you everywhere you go.  

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