Protect Your Peace

It’s so easy to be affected by our surroundings and circumstances. We often gauge our level of peace by what's going on around us.  But as a believer, peace is something we can receive freely from God and walk securely in no matter what we're facing or surrounded by. 

Guarding your peace is key to living a life full of joy and purpose. Sometimes you may have to say no to certain things in order to guard your peace. You may have to clear a few things from your schedule in order to live in that place of harmony with God and others, and that is ok.

When life situations or hard times give you the opportunity to worry, fret, fear, or be anxious, you have the power to choose God’s peace. You have the choice to feed into the worry, or internally choose the peace that resides inside of you by the power and presence of the Holy Spirit.

You have the power and choice to choose peace, to live in peace, to respond in peace, and to be a peace maker. This doesn’t mean you have to stay silent and be a peace keeper, there’s a difference. A peace maker brings resolve, clarity, and sometimes action to situations. And God has divinely anointed you to be a conduit of his peace for you and others to enjoy. If you feel there’s something that’s robbing you from your peace, it may be time to address it. It could be time to address some old wounds with a trusted counselor. God hasn’t called you to a life of chaos or constant stress and worry but to a life of peace and rest in his presence.  

Practical Tip- Do a heart check and see if there are any areas of your life that are lacking peace. If you feel there are some areas that need to be addressed, ask yourself out of those things what do you have control over and what things do you need to surrender. Most of the time, you will quickly discover the things you need to address and the areas of your heart that need to be surrendered to the Lord.

In prayers, surrender those things that you have no control over. In the areas that God has gifted you to steward, address them individually. It may be time to have a hard conversation with a family member. It may be time to fully surrender that offense to the Lord. And, it may be time to say no to some commitments that only cause extra stress in your life.  

Remember- You have the power to walk in peace and live a life full of God’s peace every single day! 

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