Little is much when God is in it

Do you know that you are a solution to one of the world’s problems?

Your very existence is needed, right where you are-in the city, community, and family you find yourself in. Your obedience and yes to God could literally be the pathway that someone discovers a true and eternal relationship with their Creator.

We are all searching for purpose. We all long to know that our lives matter and count. And, today, this is your reminder that your life and the choices you make matter. Your presence matters. Your voice matters. You showing up matters. God is powerful and sovereign, and in his infinite power, he could choose to manifest himself to the world in whatever way he chooses. But, the most beautiful part is he chose and chooses to use you as a conduits of his love and power to the world around us.

You are a heavenly conduit of goodness, grace, mercy, hope, healing, joy, and anointed power that carries the solution to the pain in the world around us. Our job is to stay free flowing, not allowing the anxieties, struggles, stress, offenses or anything else to stop the flow of us being the heavenly conduits we are called to be. To think that the God of the universe chose you to demonstrate his love and power to the world, is truly mind blowing. It’s a great responsibility, but it’s achievable by the empowering presence of his Holy Spirit. When Jesus took his last breath on the cross, his life was the ultimate solution that defeated death. Now, it’s our job to continue to spread the solution to every one we encounter, in the ways he leads us to do so.  

 Practical Tip- The power of the Holy Spirit lives inside of you. With this in mind, how can you be the solution to someone’s problem today? Do you know someone who is less fortunate that you and in need? Step out and bless them today. Who in your life needs to hear from you today? A text or a call could be the very thing that shifts the day or life.  

Remember- Your presence matters. Your voice matters. Your life matters.  

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